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How much paint should I buy?

Glow-On is shipped in three vial sizes:
Small, 2.3 ml 
Medium, 4.6 ml 
Large, 9.2 ml 

For gun sights or a wristwatch, a small vial should be enough.

Fishing lures take a bit more paint so medium works better.

For larger projects like a big clock or scale models, etc. a large vial is best.

How to take care of your paint:

Small vials are no match for changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure.

The paint will try to do what paint does..It dries.

We have two tips to keep that paint fresh for a long time:

1- BEST: Store it in water.
Close the small vial and store it in a larger jar full of water.
2- GOODAdd a few drops of water to the top.
Add a few drops of water to the top when you are done using it.
Just don't mix it at this point, close the vial and store it vertically.
Next time you need the paint, just open the vial and spill the extra water, mix and it's ready to go.


Always keep handy:

- A small utility knife like a X-Acto knife and a metallic ruler.
- Clear nail polish to add extra protection to your final work
- Paper towels, when things go awry wipe off and start again.
- Small clamps to hold small things like fishing lures.
- To make glow dots you'll need a hole punch 1/16" or 1/8",
if you need a larger spot  it would be better to use the paint.

Extra materials

How to apply Glow-On Super Phosphorescent paint instructions:
1.- Plan ahead to avoid waste.
2.- Shake the vial of Glow-On™ well to mix evenly.
3.- Use the wooden applicator, a small brush or toothpick to apply to your gun sights, fishing lures, electronics, art work, etc.
4.- Apply small dabs to create dots and drag the applicator or brush to create lines.
5.- Let it dry for 30 minutes if you need to apply more layers.
6.- Let it dry completely for 12-24 hours to achieve maximum photoluminescence.
7.- Add a couple of layers of clear nail polish for extra protection and to make it easier to clean.
8.- Close the vial tight after every use and store in fresh cool, dry place to keep the mix from thickening.
9.- If the acrylic mix becomes thick, add one drop of water at a time to thin and shake vigorously.

How to apply Glow-On Self Adhesive:
1.- Plan ahead to avoid waste.
2.- Use a ruler and pencil to mark the squares and strips on the paper side  that you are planing to cut.
3.- Use a small X-acto utility knife or a good pair of scissors to cut the self adhesive to the desired shape; a hole punch is useful to create glow dots.

4.- With the help of a utility knife peel off the backing to expose the adhesive layer. Be careful not to peel off the phosphorescent layer from the polyester base, the white base makes it opaque and holds the adhesive.
5.- Set in position and apply a couple of layers of transparent nail polish around the edges to set it permanently and over the material to protect it.
6.- On small pieces like glow dots, the adhesive will not hold; rub off the adhesive with the help of a paper towel and alcohol, then use super glue gel to set it, finally apply transparent nail polish to protect it.
7.- After you apply the self adhesive to your weapons sights please use a couple of layers of clear nail polish for extra protection and
wait for it to dry before using.
8.- Small squares (10 mm to 5 mm) and small strips (3 mm wide) can be used to mark light switches and remote control devices.
9.- Any light source is good to charge the material, flashlights or lamps work great, charges fast in a few seconds.  

Which one of your products has the brightest glow?
Glow_on SuperPhosphorescent Original has the brightest glow along with the self adhesive, their glow quality is 10/10.
The Glow-On Colors  glow differs depending on their color. A fluorescent dye has been added to Green and Yellow being the brightest, Orange Sherbet and Bubble gum Red. Aqua and Blue are natural color but being blue, they have a more discreet glow.
The best balance between glow and color are the Green and Yellow colors.
The fluorescent dye adds a vibrant color in daylight, just like fluorescent markers.

How can Glow-On paint be removed?
The simplest way is to just pry it off with  the back of a brush or one of those plastic modeling tools used for clay. Don't use a metal tool as it  might scratch the finish of your gun.
Another option is to use acetone based nail polish remover. Touch  the paint with a small cotton swab until the paint softens and then just pry it off.
Glow-On cannot be removed from fabric, so please be careful just like with any other paint appication use old clothes.

Is it absolutely necessary to apply a top coat layer?
Glow-On Original made of coarse material similar to sand. Harder than quartz indeed.
After it dries it might collect smoke residue because it has a coarse surface.
A couple of layers of a transparent top coat will  will improve the surface as it creates a smooth transparent layer which is easy to clean. A dry piece of paper towel, linen, cotton etc. will suffice then.

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