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Caught in the dark and your keys, flashlight or cell phone are impossible to find?
Not anymore with Glow-On!

  Glow-On is very useful, if you need to find a flashlight, or a cell phone, radio, etc. in the dark.

Apply a small droplet on the surface and wait for it to dry completely. It dries to the touch in about an hour or so and it fully cures in about 48 hours
Glow-On application is simple and fast. When the job is done apply colorless nail polish to protect it.

Self adhesive

Use an  Xacto knife to cut long strip sor small squares  for use on cell phones, flashlights, first aid kits, GPS monitors, radios, iPods, etc.

Glow-On™ Super Phosphorescent paint comes very handy if we intend to use electronic devices like digital cameras radios etc. in the dark.

Follow the tutorial on the right and find how easy it is to apply it.

We will be able to find our electronic gadgets on the fly and to use the buttons and dials more efficiently.
If we get caught  in the middle of an unexpected situation we will sure be glad we used Glow-On™

We cut small squares (5mm x 5mm) and/or stripes (3-4mm wide) of Glow-On™ Self Adhesive and then we apply it to your cell phones, flashlights, first aid kits, GPS monitors, radios,  etc.

When you wake up in the middle of the night, even in on the darkest of nights, I you will always know where is your cell phone, remote control, light switches, alarm switches, fire extinguisher and other devices are.

Hover your mouse pointer over these pictures and see the results.

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