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Custom night sights for just a few bucks
That's right! For the price of a fast food meal.

Bare iron sights, standard, white dots, front posts, etc. Glow-On  is a scalable solution for custom sights. 

The best part is you can do it yourself in just a few minutes.

With Glow-On™ it's easier to hit a target.
Fast target acquisition in low light onditions.

Easy to see gun sights will save brain cycles when you need them most.
You get Glow-On for the price of a fast food meal and it lasts 15 years without any glow degradation .

A small vial is enough for about three dozen firearms!

That's right give or take a few. The same applies to a small sheet of Glow-On Film.
Glow-On is the most efficient product of its kind in the market today!
Superior glow at the best price.

Quality above the rest.
A quick boost with a small LED flash light will make your glow-in-the-dark gun sights glow brighter than tritium.
If you can find a similar product brighter than Glow-On we'll refund your payment, no questions asked.

Tutorials available at:

So how much is this going to cost me?
You can purchase Glow-On today for only: $ 9.98 +S&H

Before you apply Glow-On
Plan ahead before you start, keep in mind, in the world of "glow" bigger is always better.

How to apply the Glow-On Paint over your gun sights.

Clean surface with alcohol and paper towel.
Load a bead of paint on your wooden applicator (provided).
Apply a droplet with a soft touch on each dot or area to treat. Build over it while the paint is wet. Let it dry for a few minutes
Apply an extra layer if necessary and let it dry for a coupleof hours, then apply a couple of layers of transparent nail polish to add a smooth finish.

How to apply the Glow Film over your gun sights.
Cut the self adhesive with  scissors, a utility knife and ruler or punch glow dots with a hole puncher (  1/16" ).
Clean the surface  of your gun sights with alcohol.
The adhesive on the back of the film is great for larger projects, but for gun sights this is not strong enough, so remove the adhesive with alcohol and use a bead of Super Glue Gel to set the material. After it dries, apply a coat or two of transparent nail polish


If you ever need it, you'll be glad you painted your gun sights with Glow-On.
After all, anything which gives you strategic advantage is worth having

Especially if all you pay for it is the cost of a fast food meal.

It charges in a couple of seconds
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