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The new standard for professional glow in the dark paints.

How does it work?
Expose Glow-On for a few seconds to a bright source of light to charge it. Energy is slowly released in the form of afterglow.

This cycle can be repeated indefinitely for the median life of the product, about 15 years.
The initial glow is much brighter than Tritium, it fades slowly, after several hours the glow can still be perceived if your eyes are adapted to the dark.
To rekindle the glow,  expose again to LED lamp for a few seconds .

How does Glow-On compare to others

Unlike most glow products, Glow-On is opaque, there is no need to paint a white background to cover dark surfaces. 

The industrial grade polymer binder dries to a solid state, it will stand high impact and pressure.
Glow-On offers great tolerance to high and low temperatures.

Great adherence to most surfaces.

Glow-On will stick to most surfaces as long as they are free of oil residue. 

Clean the surface with alcohol and a clean paper towel. Don't use solvent based cleaners which might leave an oily film.

Glow-On dries to the touch in a couple of hours and it continues to cure for a few days, until it becomes as hard as synthetic concrete.


For how long will Glow-On glow after exposure to light?

Full charge takes few seconds with a small LED flashlight. In daylight, it charges in an instant.

The product will glow for hours, initially the glow is very bright even in the presence of light, when the glow levels fall under that level it can be seen only in darkness and as long as the users eyes have adapted to the dark, which happens after thirty minutes in the dark.
At low levels of intensity the glow will not be appreciated in the presence of light, however dim that might be.
Please check the charts below for more information.

A few tips for the use of this product:

What is this "Night Vision"?
Night vision is the natural adaptation of the human vision which allows us to "see" in the dark. 

It usually kicks in after 30 minutes in a dark environment.
How does night vision help?:

The glow on this product is very bright for the first fifteen minutes, brighter than tritium, the intensity dims down after awhile and at a slow pace.
When the intensity falls under the luminance level of light in the room, then it only can be seen in complete darkness.
Then our human vision also adapts to this darkness and we can "see" in the dark.
The vision, at this point works a bit different, focusing on the peripheral vision because the cells at the center of vision are "burned' by daylight. 

At this level, color cannot be appreciated so regardless of the product, what we see is a whitish glow.

To help  your eyes, focus your vision slightly to one side from the glow. Since the center of vision losses sensitivity with years of use, the correct way to "see in the dark" is to use your peripheral vision.

How our eyes perceive objects in the dark?
Human night vision  enhance peripheral vision in th dark.
In the night contast is perceived better than color.
The center of vision is a bit blind during the night, direct yur vision slightly to one side to 'see' clearly.

Complete decay happens @1800 minutes approximately, the human perception range is between 5 and 10 hours, depending on the individual and conditions.

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