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Glow-On adds scalability and efficiency to any project.
Paint or film, you choose! Plus now our Susper Phosphorescent Paint is also available in several exciting colors.

Glow-On™ Super Phosphorescent Paint.

Glow-On paint for proffesional applications.

Just load the wooden applicator to place small droplets to create dots, or drag the dots to create lines.

Glow-On paint is opaque, there is no need for a white background. 

A clear layer of transparent top coat is a good idea for outdoor applications like gun sights and fishing lures.

The transparent layer seals the paint and it creates a smooth surface.


A rainbow of glow in the dark solutions: 

We have now 7 new vibrant Glow-On Colors plus our original Glow-On Super Phosphorescent.
This products have a vibrant fluorescent dye so they are highly visible in the presence of light as well.

Glow-On™ Glow in the Dark Self Adhesive Film:

The brightes custom made glow film in the market with intense glow.
It has  a matte non reflective smooth surface.
Just cut the pieces to the desired size, peel the backing off and apply to a miriad of projects.
Perfect for gun sights, small electronics flashlights, light switches, etc.

The adhesive backing can be removed and more permanent adhesives cdan be applied.

Stars Glow, create stunning star fields on room's ceiling:

Fabulous aqua color glow-in-the-dark paint  to create stunning starfields on your ceilings.

Relax while you fall asleep contemplating the beauty of a starry night, every night!
Just turn on the main light in your room for a few minutes to activate the phosphorescence of the paint and you are ready to start dreaming.
Actual length and brightness of glow will vary depending on the power brightness of your bedroom lights. 


Glow-On™ Advantages
-Brightest initial luminance: 27549mcd/m with a slow glow decay, it will glow for hours.
-Easy to apply weather proof water based formula.
-Environmentally safe, non radioactive, non toxic, non flammable.
-Unlike gel products, it will stand to high temperatures.
-Glow-On's phosphorescent capabilities last for at least 15 years.
-The glow cycle of charge and emission can be repeated indefinitely.
-Highly visible in daylight or complete darkness.
-Superior adherence to most surfaces: Glass, Plastic, Wood, Metal, etc.
-The paint is available in 8 colors:
Original, Yellow, Green, Aqua, Blue, Bubble Gum Red, Hot Pink and Orange.

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