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Glow-On is the best way to add glow to small projects.
Paint or film, you choose! Plus now our Susper Phosphorescent Paint is also available in eight diffeerent colors.

Glow-On Super Phosphorescent Paint.

Glow-On Super Phosphorescent paint for professional applications.

Superior glow, easy application, fast drying.
Glow-On is opaque, it covers dark backgrounds easily.

Instructions are included with each vial.

Tutorials are available on youtube


A rainbow of glow in the dark solutions: 

We have now 7 new vibrant Glow-On Colors:

 Original, Yellow, Green, Aqua, Blue, Bubble Gum Red, Hot Pink and Orange.

This products have a  fluorescent and phosphorescent properties.

Glow-On Colors react to UV light from the sun and also glow in the dark..

Glow-On Glow in the Dark Self Adhesive Film:

It reacts instantaneously to light.

It has a repositionable adherent on the back

Just cut the pieces to the desired size, peel the backing off and set in place.

For a permanent bond remove the adhesive layer and use permanent adhesive.
Perfect for gun sights, small electronics flashlights, light switches, etc.

Stars Glow, create stunning star fields on room's ceiling:

Fabulous aqua color glow-in-the-dark paint  to create stunning star fields on your ceilings.

Relax while you fall asleep contemplating the beauty of a starry night, every night!


Glow-On Advantages
-Brightest initial luminance: 27549mcd/m with a slow glow decay, it will glow for hours.
-Super concentrated, you need little paint to get great results.
-Environmentally safe, non radioactive, non toxic, non flammable.
 It dries to a solid state, unlike gel products, it will stand to high temperatures.

-Glow-On's phosphorescent capabilities last for at least 15 years.
-The glow cycle of charge and emission can be repeated millions of times.
-Highly visible in daylight or complete darkness.
-Superior adherence to most surfaces: Glass, Plastic, Wood, Metal, etc.

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